Pendedahan Kepincangan Felda

From: tan kee kwong
To: "Tan Kee Kwong Ron" <tankeekwong@keadilanrakyat.org>
Date: Saturday, 19 June, 2010, 5:26 PM

From the desk of Dr Tan Kee Kwong. My email is tkk18247@yahoo.com.sg

At one time Felda was the model in the whole world of an example of developing new areas & giving land to the landless. Before the merger of the plantation companies in Sime Darby, Felda was the biggest producer of crude palm oil in the WHOLE WORLD!
Once again by their direct interference, the evil & corrupt political masters have managed to destroy in a short space of time what was a very well run GLC company. Please note being a GLC the wealth of Felda belongs to the whole country and all its citizens

I am told that in 2006 the new design of the new Felda building on their own land bank in Jalan Semarak was finalised. Details, will be 29 floors, cost about RM220 million. Tender to demolish their old building was called. Even the former PM Pak Lah was given a date to officiate the ground breaking ceremony. This plan of course makes much more sense than to spend RM662 million to pay for a new building in KLCC area where land cost is the highest in the whole of Malaysia. In Jalan Semarak, itis their own land & after depreciation will be "free"
Suddenly around 2007 WITHOUT the knowledge of the Felda Chairman & Ketua Pengarah, a meeting was convened in the DPM's office ie Najib at Putrajaya. Initially only 3 people were present Najib , the late Tan Sri Nassimudinof Naza-TTDI and Bakke MD of Felda. They decided to abandon the cost effective plan to build on their own land but instead invest in a 5 star building at a 5 star price!
Mr Prime Minister may I remind you of what happended to Perwaja Steel when the MD at that time said during his court trail ie the late Eric Cheah "As MD of Perwaja, I do not report to the Chairman or board of Perwaja, I go sraight to the PM ie Dr Mahatir" When things happen like this there is no accountability at all. We all know what happened to Perwaja with its mountain of debts. If this is going to be the pattern how to run GLC's why bother to have a Chairman or board at all?

This was the official answer in Parliament on Wed 16 June 2010. What utter rubbish. In fact it was an attempt to mislead the Parliament, the Rakyat & worse of all the 113,000 Felda settlers.
The facts are for the past 30 years there was already in place a special cess for replanting called "Tabung Tanam Semula" What this means is that for every metric ton of FFB(fresh fruit bunch) sold to Felda's oil palm mill Felda deducts RM3 to RM5 depending on the market price of CPO. This money belongs to the settlers & on the average a sum of RM15,000 is set aside when it is needed to replant oil palm/rubber. Sorry Maths was my poorest subject in Secondary School, Notwithstanding that RM15,000 x 113,000 settlers works out to a princely sum of RM 1.7 Billion. So Dato Ahmad Mazlan your answer in Parliament is totally misleading, that sum belongs to the settlers NOT to Felda. In fact Felda should be paying interest back to the settlers for holding their money for such a long time.

This was the result of the brainchild of Bakke the present MD of Felda, formed about 3 years ago. As a result Felda went ahead to invest RM500 million in Boston & Cincinatti, USA. I am made to understand that the project is a failure & that it has never generated any returns for Felda. Please tellus exactly what this this Twin Rivers INC is all about. Or is this another attempt to siphon meney out like what happened to the Euro 100 Million commission paid to purchase French submarines for our Navy?

It seems there are steps to list parts of Felda by mid 2011 in time for the next General elections.What benefits will listing bring to the settlers & KPF(Koprasi Permodalan Felda)??? In fact it is very fortunate that Felda is NOT a lasted entity now. If not with so many unanswered questions in the accounting & management of Felda, Bursa Saham Malaysia may well deem it a PN17 case.

Please come clean as to what is actually happened in Felda.
Political masters, DO NOT interfere in the runninf of Felda anymore
How come.Bakke who has done such a poor job as MD of Felda is given a much bigger &
more complex job as MD of Sime Darby? Is it because he is an "obedient servant"?
Do not list Felda in the near future
Do not forget the very reason why Felda started ie social resposibilitie


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